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A New Decade

I can imagine that many people are taking the new decade as time to reflect upon their last ten years, and reminisce about how things have changed and how they used to be.

For me, it's been a highly eventful ten years. I started them as a child, and ended them as a teenager. My parents divorced, I moved house multiple times, and even moving countries. I got diagnosed with three chronic illnesses, and started noticing a stark decline in my mental health. I started therapy. I lost people I loved and found new friends. I grew up into myself. I found a family that I created myself, and that I love more than anything.

The next ten years will likely also be eventful. I'll finish A-Levels, go off to uni, get a job, grow up. It's quite daunting to think about. 2020 didn't even sound like a real year until this morning (although, it kind of still doesn't).

It also frankly scares the hell out of me that soon enough, I'll legally be an adult, and have to handle all of the medical legalities, appointments, and issues, myself. Even now, I feel that I can barely keep on top of it all, but I will. One foot in front of the other is most definitely the best way to go.

But I'm also ridiculously excited for everything the next year(s) will bring. As soon as Monday, I'll be starting to dance again, after a two-year break that came along with my most recent diagnosis (Osteomyelitis). I'm throwing myself into old passions. I'm finally starting to feel established in Germany, I have friends whom I love. I've completely finished the first draft of my first novel, and I can't wait to spend the year editing and working on it. I have projects, motivation, and hope for an upwards spiral. Whatever may come, I will remember the good that I have in my life.

Happy New Year, everyone

- Fiona

Title picture credits go to @thisthingtheycallrecovery on Instagram

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