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A Pandemic is NOT Black and White.

Dear readers,

Obviously, the elephant in the room (on a global level) is the Corona-Virus, or COVID-19. And I'd like to get some things off my chest as someone who belongs to the immunosuppressed minority, beingsomeone with pre-existing medical conditions.

The two poles I am seeing in media when reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic are:

'Help! We're all going to die! It's the end of the world!'


'Everyone who is panicking is stupid and it's not even dangerous, pfft.'

And it's riduculous that there is no middle ground.

No, we're not all going to die, it is not the end of the world, and panicking certainly isn't helpful. But I also see the people who are condemning the 'panickers' going around like it's business as usual.

You know who it is dangerous for? Immunosuppressed people. The elderly. People with pre-existing medical issues.

The panickers stockpiling necessities is a huge problem. I know people who now have to catheter with rubbing alcohol instead of the non-irritant sanitizer that is much safer for them. I also have a disabled father who relies on basics being available to him.

But people are very quick to condemn stockpiling for EVERYONE. Because you know who needs to stockpile? The disabled people who might be too at risk to leave their house if things get bad, or who can only go shopping every few weeks when someone helps them.

As with every illness, one concept is vital: herd protection. Immunosuppressed people CANNOT protect themselves from this virus like healthy people can. And while panicking is not the answer, we DO need people to be careful, to stay hygeinic, and to just have a bit of consideration.

I've seen it coursing around the internet:

'COVID-19 isn't dangerous, it only kills the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, or the immunosuppressed.'

And as a member of the 'at-risk' groups, I implore you all to find the middle ground in what is being reported. Don't panic, but just take care, be considerate that not everyone in society can protect themselves. It might not be something you deem 'dangerous'.

But it is for me.

- Fiona

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