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Finding Things Isn't Straightforward

Last week, I posted about an upcoming procedure which I had to prepare for. It was a look into my intestines to try and uncover the reason why I'm having such intense symptoms down there. Unfortunately, they didn't find much.

The day started out pretty horribly as the procedure ended up being delayed by about 5 hours, and the nurse had to perform an enema before things got started, because the medication to clear my system hadn't worked completely. I was feeling pretty weak and tired by the time we got into the actual edoscopy room, since I hadn't eaten in about 32 hours.

Waiting for things to get going!

While we waited I was put on a saline drip which is probably the only thing that kept me from passing out, if I'm honest. There was a student doctor who did my cannula, and he was terribly nervous. He accidentally spilled quite a bit of blood onto the bed when he did it because his hands were shaking. He was mortified, but I found it hilarious.

Another thing we discovered during this particular visit to the hospital is that I have a pretty slow heart rate! The machine measured at around 46 beats per minute for a while, which got the nurse worried until I assured her I was feeling fine otherwise. I've already been to a cardiologist about my heart rate, and there are no real abnormalities other than that, so it's nothing to worry about.

Since they were so delayed, the doctors didn't waste any time once I was in the procedure room; The doctor pushed in the anaesthetic so fast that I fell asleep with my eyes open (shocking my mother quite a bit)!

The result of this whole day? Not much. They didn't find anything at all, which is really frustrating - my symptoms have only been getting worse recently. We're going to have to wait for biopsy results to know for sure whether everything in my intestines is 100% fine, but it looks likely that that isn't where the problem lies.

We're deciding to go down another route, gynaecologically. A lot of my symptoms align with those of mild endometriosis, so we've made an appointment and we'll see where that leaves us.

As relieved as I am that everything seems to be working well in my intestines, I can't help but feel annoyed. Every time you don't find the answer, you have to keep looking. And in the world of a chronically ill patient, that just means more time in discomfort. I just hope things can get sorted out quickly.

Here's to keeping on going!

- Fiona

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(title photo credit to @natashalipman on Instagram)

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