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Over 24 Hours Without Food - an Involuntary Juice Diet

Good morning everyone!

Today is the first day of a stressful couple of ones. Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for a colonoscopy; They are absolutely not my favourite procedure.

This morning at 10am I finished my last cup of tea for the next day, and ate my last meal until after the procedure tomorrow. The worst part is not knowing exactly when it will be over! I have to be in Berlin, at the hospital, for 8am tomorrow morning, so it's a cheerful 5am getup. The procedure itself will probably only go ahead at around 11-12am though, and then I have to wake up from the anasthesia before I can rocket to the hospital cafeteria.

The dreaded doses of Picoprep

Today I have to take a few doses of Picoprep to 'clear my system'. That's putting it nicely. I have serious issues taking those meds, so my mum and I have bought seemingly every juice possible in an attempt to find one that will make it less gross. It'll be the first time that I'm taking Picoprep at home and not during a hospital stay, so I'm nervous as all hell; There are no nurses or doctors around to help if something goes wrong (like me bringing the meds back up).

My meals for the next 24 hours!

The juices serve another purpose too though: They're the only thing I'll be consuming for the next day.

Being chronically ill, food is pretty much the only thing that gives me any semblance of energy (sleep just doesn't do it), so the next day is going to be a real challenge for me. I'll probably go to bed early to try and catch any kind of recharge I can.

The hospital has a bed set aside for me tomorrow. It's still up in the air whether or not I'll be admitted or not. It depends on what they find in my intestines. With the issues I've been having lately, I'm hoping that they DO find something, so that they can solve the issue. They might also decide to go ahead with some other tests/procedures with regards to my digestive system while I'm already there, and keep me in to do them.

Everything about the next few days, and my health, is kind of a big question mark at the moment. I'm terribly nervous, and it's hard to stay positive, but I'll be updating things on here should anything drastic happen.

See you on the other side,

Fiona ;)

(Title photo credits to @thisthingtheycallrecovery )

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