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Youth For Future - it's in our hands.

Youth for Future was a panel discussion I took part in about a month ago, so I'm definitely very late on this post. Life has gotten in the way, I suppose!

Many of you who read my blog are aware that I am politically very active - I'm a climate change activist, feminist, and someone who seeks equality on all levels of society. I was invited to be a panelist at this discussion - one of six - and I was honoured. After all, who wouldn't be thrilled to meet other young people interested in creating a better future and having the opportunity to talk about ideas and issues with them?

I'm a member of the young Green Party here in Germany, and am also someone who takes part in several other political events, such as Model European Parliament (on regional, national, and international level) and SPUN (Model United Nations). My involvement in these organisations/events means I have my fair share to say when it comes to changing things for the better.

The discussion took place at the Impact Hub in Berlin, and there was a really wonderful atmosphere as the discussion took place. Everyone in the audience was able to ask questions and the conversation flowed smoothly, without rigidity or formality. It was an incredibly educational experience.

We discussed politics, climate change, feminism, and education. A good handful of controversial topics which I feel strongly about!

I didn't agree with everyone's opinions (and I didn't expect to) but it was refreshing to have a dialogue, openly and without hostility between a wide spectrum of people and opinions. I really believe we can acheive so much with active listening and open-mindedness on all sides. It's something that, despite my strong beliefs, I'm trying really hard to work on.

I really hope I get the opportunity to do something like this again. It's really inspired me to continue on my political path!

The panelists and moderators!

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